Timpview Driver Education Requirements
  1. To register for all sessions, you must be 15 years of age and hold a valid Learner’s permit.
  2. All classroom sessions consist of 14 two-hour classes.
  3. All sessions are held from 2:30-4:30 p.m. Tuesday-Friday.
  4. All pre-existing unpaid school fees need to be paid before signing up for Drivers Ed.
Timpview Driver Education offers two options to complete the classroom instruction phase:
  1. Classroom Course
  2. Online Drivers Education Course  

Sessions for Classroom Courses—August 2018-May 2019
1.     Session #1, August 21st-September 12th
2.     Session #2, September 18th-October 10th
3.     Session #3, October 24th-November 15th
4.     Session #4, November 27th-December 19th
5.     Session #5, January 8th-January 31st
6.     Session #6, February 12th-March 6th
7.     Session #7, March 12th-April 10th
8.     Session #8, April 16th-May 8th
Questions or concerns—call Coach Roylance 435-671-9702

How do I register?
  1. Classroom Course--regular school year: Registration for the eight 2018-2019 sessions listed above takes place at the Timpview Financial Office at the same time you make payment for the class. This must be done in person--there is no online registration for the Classroom Course offered during the regular school year. All sessions are limited to 25 students.
  2. Summer School--Summer of 2018. Registration for this course is done online after payment is made in the Financial Office:  Click here to register.
  3. Online Course: Offered year-round. Registration for this course is done online after payment is made in the Financial Office:  Click here to register. 
Note: Enrollment in any Timpview Driver Ed course requires that the student live within the Timpview boundaries.

Timpview Driver Ed is a 4-phase program:
  1. Course Instruction (in classroom or online)
  2. Simulator Driving (2 hours/day for 3 days)
  3. On the street Driving and Testing (2 hours/day for 3 days--on the 4th day student is tested by same driving instructor)
  4. 40 hours of Parental Driving (This is not optional and it is very important)
  • Questions or concerns direct to Coach Roylance 435-671-9702