Timpview Driver Education Requirements
  2. To register for any session, you must be 15 years of age and hold a valid Learner’s permit.
  3. All classroom sessions consist of 14 two-hour classes.
  4. All sessions are held from 2:30-4:30 p.m. Tuesday-Friday.
  5. All pre-existing unpaid school fees need to be paid before signing up for Drivers Ed.
Timpview Driver Education offers two options to complete the classroom instruction phase:
  1. Classroom Course
  2. Online Drivers Education Course  

Sessions for Classroom Courses—August 2018-May 2019
1.     Session #1, August 21st-September 12th
2.     Session #2, September 18th-October 10th
3.     Session #3, October 24th-November 15th
4.     Session #4, November 27th-December 19th
5.     Session #5, January 8th-January 31st
6.     Session #6, February 12th-March 6th
7.     Session #7, March 12th-April 10th
8.     Session #8, April 16th-May 8th
Questions or concerns—call Coach Roylance 435-671-9702

How do I register?
  1. Classroom Course--regular school year: Registration for the eight 2018-2019 sessions listed above takes place at the Timpview Financial Office (see below for summer hours) at the same time you make payment for the class. This must be done in person--there is no online registration for the Classroom Course offered during the regular school year. All sessions are limited to 25 students.
  2. Online Course: Offered year-round. Registration for this course is done online after payment is made in the Financial Office (see below for summer hours):  Click here to register. 
Note: Enrollment in any Timpview Driver Ed course requires that the student live within the Timpview boundaries.

Timpview Driver Ed is a 4-phase program:
  1. Course Instruction (in classroom or online)
  2. Simulator Driving (2 hours/day for 3 days)
  3. On the street Driving and Testing (2 hours/day for 3 days--on the 4th day student is tested by same driving instructor)
  4. 40 hours of Parental Driving (This is not optional and it is very important)
  • Questions or concerns direct to Coach Roylance 435-671-9702